Whether it be a St Bernard, teacup Chihuahua or a hyperactive Husky, we are more then happy to give your furry family member the time and attention he or she needs.  From one to one training sessions, group classes, agility or gun dog training there is something to suit everyone.


We cover Southend, Prittlewell, Southchurch, Thorpebay, Shoebury and Wakering.  One to one training sessions are available outside these areas, but may incur an additional cost, please call to discuss. 


One to One Training

We offer a variety of one to one training sessions bespoke to your individual needs;

Puppy/Rescue Home Introduction - providing you and your new addition guidance and information to start you all off on the correct path.  From guidance on how to effectively toilet train, implementing routines and boundaries, teaching manners and basic training.  Can also include guidance in introducing your new addition to existing pets. 

Behavioural Issues - including separation anxiety, aggression or reactivity, resource guarding, nervousness and fear issues, as well as improving socialisation techniques.  Each case will start with a home assessment lasting between 90 minutes to 2 hours (don't worry we do not clock watch and it is a set fee), we take a full history and then provide advice and guidance on the best way to help you and your dog, as every dog is unique. 


Obedience Issues - one to one sessions for people who are experiencing issues with any area of obedience, from lead walking, recall, general house manners.  We start with an assessment to establish your routines, provide suggestions and advice on how to improve the bond between you and your dog.  Thus creating a better relationship to improve your dogs general obedience. 


Private Gun Dog Classes - one to one tuition starting from the very basics, to getting them ready for the field or purely for mental stimulation for all Gun Dog Breeds that have a desire to work.   

Group Classes

GROUP TRAINING SESSIONS available at Garon Park, Eastern Avenue, Southend (near the Cricket Pavilion). 

Autumn/Winter Schedule:

Intermediate classes, Saturday's at 10:00.  Suitable for youngster's and rescue dogs, needing some basic obedience training and some fun games to finish off. 


Adult Obedience, Saturday's at 12:00.  Suitable for adults dogs that wish to build on the basic training.  We also include some working trial elements, to really get your dogs brains working.       


Rall-Agility, Saturday's at 12:00.  Combination of Rally Obedience and Agility.  Suitable for all breeds and ages.  It is all about combining the brain work of obedience with the physicality of agility.   


Gun Dog Class, Saturday's at 14:30.  Suitable for all gun dog breeds.  Classes are for fun using your dog natural ability.  It includes working with canvas dummies, fur dummies and balls and the dummy launcher.  No experience needed.  

Scent Class and Agility Class will return in the Spring.

For more information about any of our classes, please contact us.  Details can be found on the contact page.  


Please note:  Training class scheduling may change due to bad or hot weather.  If in doubt please call or check our Facebook page for the latest updates.

K9S Pet Services run a bespoke Assistance Dog Programme.  This service is for people who would benefit from an assistance dog but wish to self train or are unable to find a charity that can assist them. 

This is specialist training for each individuals requirements.  An assistance dog must be able to perform a minimum of three tasks to that would assist their handler and be trained to a high level of obedience.   

Full public assess training is provided.  Each dog will be equipped with it's own uniform and life long support is provided. 

If required K9S Pet Services are able to assist with the selection of a suitable puppy for the handlers requirements.

Training for the programme is best started as soon as possible. 

Please contact us for further information. 

Assistance Dog Program



8am - 8pm


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