Welcome to the K9S website, we hope you enjoy your visit. 

K9S is a family run business, owned by Richard Newman, a retired Police Officer.  He has a lifelong passion for dogs.  Ever since he can remember there has always been dogs within the family. He has owned German Shepherd's,  Rough Collies & Border Collies in the past.

He now owns a Labrador Cross Breed, Cocker Spaniel and a German Shepherd. As you can see these are all working breeds, which require not only physical but mental stimulation to keep them content. All of our dogs are currently Rescue dogs, which can often come with mental or physical baggage, having their lives turned upside down or have been mis-treated. All they want is a home & to be loved! Isn’t that what we all want in life?

Richard volunteers for local rescues.  He has taken his love of dogs to a new level, helping them with their training & rehabilitation. On occasions he has just sat in a kennel for hours at a time just being near dog's that are so scared. Not forcing the natural instinct of trust, but awaiting for the dog to approach when he/she is ready. No matter what the weather, Richard has assisted & loved every minute of his time with so many dogs. A real rollercoaster of emotions, watching their transformation into family pets.  Richard fell in love so much, that he knew that his next career would involve dogs.

One rescue also run training classes for the public to attend with their pets, so he started to assist & further his knowledge, assisting his own studies of obtaining professional qualifications in dog Behaviour. Richard is always looking to gain further knowledge whether it be through study or attending training conferences run by some of the leading professionals on Dog Behaviour. 

As a Police Officer, Richard was trained to a high standard of driving, so you know your furry family member is in safe hands.  K9S Pet Services have their own Bespoke Vehicle for your family member to be transported in. A fully Air-Conditioned, Electronically Ventilated Vehicle with Lighting. Escape Hatches for each cage in case of emergency. The inside of the Vehicle is coated in polyurethane for hygiene purposes, which is easily washed down with canine disinfectant. Richard will only transport dogs that have had all their vaccinations & asks to see the dog’s papers before any agreement is made.

Richard has completed & passed a Canine First Aid course. We also hold Public Liability Insurance and vehicle insurance. All which will be available for your perusal during your consultation. 

Prior to any bookings we always like to meet you and your dogs, so that we can ensure that yours and your dog’s needs are fully discussed and you are satisfied that your dog is happy in Richard’s company.  We know how important it is for you to feel your dog is happy and safe.  If there are any services that you are looking for and are not listed on the services page, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.  

K9S Pet Services have spared no expense in assuring the very best for each client. These are Not Just Dogs. They are Our Lives, Our Furry Children, Our Love and they will all be treated as such!